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The Best Way (not) To Make Money Online – Proof Here

I was reviewing our V-day results and considering whether to start a similar campaign for Mothers’ Day when I found this clip on YouTube. Being around for quite a while, I would rather review everything I can instead of skipping on that unique piece of valuable information lost among the pile of junk out there. So here […]
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How much food do you waste?

The University of Arizona published in 2004 a study showing that 40 to 50 percent of all food ready for harvest never gets eaten. On top of that, they determined that households (in US) waste another 14 percent of their food purchases, of which up to fifteen percent are products still within their expiration date but never […]
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How to use discount codes online

With Valentine’s Day approaching and our homepage filling every day with roses, chocolate hearts and hosiery, we decided the time was right to address the regular use of coupons online. After all, what good is that coupon and the efforts we put in screening it if you cannot use it as intended, get frustrated and […]
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January promotions aftermath

We completed our reports concerning January hits/click-throughs and actual sales. The general traffic to our pages increased, with gift deals and the main page accounting for the surge, while the CTR rate remained stable and actual sales stayed in line with the strong volumes reported for online retailers in both UK and Ireland (about 16% increase). The […]
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Save money every time – you deserve a better deal!

A simple strategy to improve the results of your regular shopping As I write this piece the global economy is going through uncertain times. Careless behaviour is sanctioned drastically and we need to come up with a winning strategy to build and preserve our wealth. The behaviour I want to discuss regards the trivial purchases […]
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