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What Does It Mean When A Coupon States Its Cash Value?

I see a lot of coupons say “cash value 1/20ยข” Why is it there and what does it mean?
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Did You Get A Free Kodak Gallery Coupon That Came In The Movie The Tale Of Despereaux ?

hi, in the movie The Tale of Despereaux , when you buy the dvd there is a free coupon code inside for a free pocket photo book at kodak gALLERY. if your not going to use it could you please email me the code? thank you for your time.
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What’s The Difference Between Coupon Rate And Yield To Maturity?

I think those two percents are for bonds, or a bill, i’m not sure
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What R Some Good Online Printable Coupon Websites?

I was just curious if any1 knew of some good websites that u could print out coupons from. Anything from groceries, cosmetic, baby stuff and pet supplies to what ever else doesnt matter, just tring to save wher i can thanks!
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How Do I Get A Coupon For Spaying My Cat?

I have a siamese female cat. She has already been in heat once. I heard of a program that will help with the cost of spaying her. Does anyone know about it?
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