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Anyone Have Any Ideas For My Valentines Day Coupon Book?

I am making my boyfriend a coupon book for Valentine’s Day. I need some ideas for coupons… I’ve thought of the basics, dinner, massage, movie… But I need some creative ideas and they don’t have to be PG-13… ;-). But I don’t want them all to be R either. Thanks for your help!
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Does Anyone Have Any Baby Coupon Codes They Would Like To Share?

I am really getting the urge to shop online today, it’s raining…that makes me want to shop! Does anyone have any coupon codes they want to share with us to make shopping for baby a little less expensive?
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Does Anyone Know Any Coupon Codes Or Good Places To Stay In Las Vegas In June Or July?

I am going to Las Vegas for my 21st birthday from June 30-July 3rd. Does anyone know any good deals or good places to stay on the strip? Thanks!
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What Is The Coupon Code For 75 Off 100 At Old Navy?

I am teenage girl getting ready to go to high school and both of my parents lost their jobs and I wanted to get cheap back to school clothes. Also the 50 off 100 would be good to. I waited all day for them to come out but didn’t get them.
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Where Can I Get Information On The Coupon Industry In The United Sates?

I am looking for the industry value chain and statistics on coupons. Also info on how and who does the distribution, clearing and settlment of coupons. Basically enough to explain to someone how the whole thing works
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