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What Is Your Favorite Lush Cosmetics Solid Product? I Have A $10 Coupon And Can Only Buy Solid Product With It?

So what pro. do u like most and why? Thnx
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Does Anyone Have Any Southwest Airlines Coupon Codes?

Or any coupon codes for any other airline?
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Where Do I Put In A Free Shipping Coupon Code In?

like i wanna get this tote its $19.50 and i have a coupon so where do i put the code in so the shipping would be free??
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If A Coupon Bond Is Selling At Par, Its Current Yield Equals Its Yield To Maturity. Can Someone Explain Why?

For a bond to sell “at par” means that it is selling at full face value. When a bond sells at full face value, the coupon rate (or the bond yield) is the same as yield to maturity since bond interest does not compound. For example: a bond has a face value of $1,000 with […]
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What Is The Value Of A Bond Maturing In 6 Years, With A $1,000 Par Value And A Coupon Interest Rate Of 10%?

Find the value of a bond maturing in 6 years with a $1,000 par value and a coupon interest rate of 10% (5% paid semiannually) if the required return on similar-risk bonds is 14% annual interest (7% paid semiannually).
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