Cashcrate – a recession proof method to make money online

As promised, here is my first quick impression on Cashcrate. As I get going, I will continue to share my findings.

Signing up

Signing up for is easy. You can go directly to their website or register through a referral link. Once there you are asked for your first and last name, your email address and a password and you are ready to start. As soon as you register you are able to start taking surveys and signing up for different offers to get payouts. I think from start to finish it only took a couple of minutes to get going, clicking on the confirmation link in your mailbox included.

Using CashCrate

Starting with the right expectations is key. I advise you to start by browsing the forum, check the hot topics and look at what other users are doing. It will not take you long to discover that while most of the users struggle to take surveys and sign up for the various offers, the main money maker are referrals. Members are encouraged and incentivized to invite others in through their referral link. Since CashCrate has written “work from home” and “make money online” all over their program, there is a good chance to find pre-selling the concept more lucrative than taking surveys with your own personal details.

The surveys themselves range from simple ZIP submits to multiple pages forms used by payday loans programs and such. I suggest you read the terms carefully for each offer before enrolling – breaking out of monthly payouts from your credit card can be a nerve-wrecking and time-consuming event you could do fine without it. My advice is to take only the surveys you are genuinely interested in and start looking of your own spin to find referrals – for example by thinking about the intended audience of the surveys you find on the site. It would work a little as running campaigns for a CPA network without all the background checks – it will sure give you a taste of what it is like.

How much money can you make

Taking surveys can probably bring you a couple of dollars a day. Be aware some of your payouts must be validated by the advertisers and you will not be able to access the money immediately. Since you are paid real money, expect them to check and ask for real details – I do not recommend you to enter fake details since it will compromise the credibility of your CashCrate account.

Signing in referrals under your account can make you significantly larger amounts of money and it can work on auto-pilot if you manage to get enough targeted traffic. Be aware spamming and scamming are not condoned by CashCrate program managers, and these include advertising on Facebook and MySpace. Will you be able to bring in hundreds of dollars every month with this program? While not very likely, you can do your best and rest assured the CashCrate team will try to support you.

Getting paid

Unless you are visiting our website for the first time, you know are are only presenting programs that pay. That means we endorse the business behind CashCrate – as long as you follow the Terms and Conditions of their program you will get paid.
Payouts are sent by check or direct deposit. Please note direct deposit is only available to USA members with 50 or more active referrals, otherwise you are limited to check only.

Should you give it a try?

Just as the title suggested, it is up to you. It will sure get you started in making money online, and bring in some immediate results to help you draw a picture of the full potential out there. You will learn things and with enough time invested in the project you can hope to come out with your own spin and turn it into a profitable source of revenue. Good luck!

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