Dell Coupon Codes or The Affiliate Jungle

Many people start in affiliate marketing without a clear purpose in mind. Are they going to turn this into a permanent source of revenue? Use it as a pretext to learn something new, maybe develop in an Internet Marketing role? Or simply because some other marketeer persuades them with fantasy descriptions of money flowing with little work or even no work at all (personally I cannot hear the phrase auto-pilot anymore without linking it instantly to the notion of online scam).
I for one started on the scene once my initial business (data carrier) grew organically to a level where an affiliate program was required as an additional source of qualified leads. Once you learn the hard way (or should I say the expensive way) how the affiliate model works (and I call out here the pure blackhat techniques, the permanent watch for fraudulent transactions, the sharky networks, to name only a few), you soon start to see the exploitable gaps in the model. This does not mean, by any chance, that you learn how to turn the affiliate business into your non-stop, automated money-printing machine; instead, you can predict with higher accuracy the real costs of running a campaign, the likeliness of an affiliate manager to steal your ideas or commissions, and even your chances of taking on a more serious share of business by upgrading to a partner or official distributor status with the programs you are promoting successfully.
With this, I am getting to the meaning of the title chosen for this article. As far as I am concerned, as an affiliate you have two choices, depending on your success – you can grow, with painful and steady work, to become successful in selling a program like Amazon, eBay or Dell (to name only of few of the large ones) or you can do this until you manage to forge a niche and/or a product for yourself and get promoted to the top of the food chain – design/create/supply your own product. And I am not talking here about running yet another store on eBay or Amazon, or reviewing Dell’s laptops from the product feeds, but actually selling your own ebook, software, data mining or online streaming service – you get the picture.
For those who are only starting, getting the information they need in a single place is difficult and prone to using obsolete resources. If you are just joining the affiliate jungle, you might need an easy start – and for those looking to promote Dell’s products, I offer an unique source to feed on the latest Dell coupon codes, promotions and discount tricks. It is not an affiliate resource per se yet, but more an example of how this business should be started and conducted at the very early stages. I will not sell training and coaching like others do, but I am more than willing to answer your questions, show you how it’s done and explain the intricate reasoning behind the many choices and features you will see on the website. It is also living proof of approaching one of the most saturated niches (Dell coupon codes have been on the Internet for over a decade now) and carving a slice of the traffic and revenues with a new website, but a toolbox of tried and tested methods and techniques. I hope you will enjoy it and I am looking forward to your questions (use the Contact form on the website or the comments to draw my attention). Until then, good luck with your online enterprises and all the best to you all!

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