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I’ve had malwarebytes on several computers for years. It was free at first with beta and I either lost or never got the coupon for long time members. Before purchasing it, I wanted to look for a valid coupon code online.

***EDIT*** Ronald, one of our readers, offered another Malwarebytes coupon code Рenter BM6-3S7-665 for 20% off or alternatively try code B3S-6Q1-H54 or Q65-TRJ-G7J  to save 15% during checkout (you might want to check the comments for newer user-submitted coupons, some might not be working, depending on the actual website where you place the order).

Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Free/PRO 2013 Updates

The latest version of Anti-Malware Free/PRO has brought in some additional developments:

  • Chameleon Technology Gets Malwarebytes Running on Infected Systems
  • Multi-Language Support (currently 35 and counting!)
  • Real-Time Active Malware Prevention Engine Blocks Known Threats (PRO)
  • Heuristic Protection Prevents New Zero Day Malware Infections (PRO)
  • Malicious Website Protection Blocks Access to Known and Zero Day Malicious Web Content (PRO)

We’re also happy to report Malwarebytes Anti-Malware works fine with Windows 8 on a new Dell All-In-One we have in the office. If you need more than one computer protected against Internet threats, please remember the voucher codes shared by our generous visitors work on volume licensing too – you can save up to 40% off the regular Malwarebytes Anti-Malware price if you apply the tested coupon codes above against your Cleverbridge checkout.

Malwarebytes PRO free - no coupon required

Recommended links (main website) (community and support)

Editor’s note: Unlikely as it may sound, we had one of the office computers infected with

Antivirus 2010 is a rogue anti-spyware program from the same family as Antivirus 2008 and Antivirus 2009. Like its previous incarnations, Antivirus 2010 is advertised via the use of advertisements on the Web pretending to be one of the internet anti-malware scanners. These advertisements pretend to scan your computer and then state that your computer system is infected and that you just ought to download and install Antivirus 2010 to remove these infections. These rogues are also known to become advertised and installed through Trojans that display fake security alerts in your Windows taskbar stating you are infected. As soon as you click on one of these alerts, it will bring you to the download page for Antivirus 2010, or even download and install it without your permission.

Once Antivirus 2010 is installed on your laptop or computer, it’ll be automatically configured to run when you logon to Windows. This is done by adding a startup entry that launches the C:\Windows\System32\wingamma.exe executable. This executable will then launch the AV2010.exe and the fake Windows Security Center. Once running, it’ll scan your pc and list a variety of infections that cannot be removed unless you first pay for the computer software. This infection will also randomly display fake security alerts on your pc stating that you just are infected or have some sort of security risk. In the event you click on these alerts, it is going to prompt you to obtain the software program. These fake alerts, along with a fake Windows Security Center that advertises Antivirus 2010, are applied to further scare you into thinking you’re infected so you pay for the application.

Another new addition to these types of rogues is the creation of a fake Blue Screen of Death. At random intervals, Antivirus 2010 will produce what appears to be a Windows crash, but in reality is just a fake screen. These fake crashes are utilized to further persuade you into purchasing the software program. When you receive this crash, you can merely reboot your pc , or try pressing Alt-Tab or Control-Alt-Delete to get out of it.

– probably just one of the myriad variants of malware posing as fake antivirus software out in the wild. Malwarebytes Anti-malware was able to deal with it without a restart. While it may not be relevant, I could not ignore the fact that SpyBot S&D was running on that computer (with it’s free realtime module active and the most up-to-date list of blocked IPs) and did not prevent the infection (we have no idea how the payload was delivered on our system – no, we don’t browse pr0n sites). So it’s been a nice thing to avail of KnRider’s coupon code for Anti-malware and buy two licenses for this excellent piece of software. Thank you for your contribution!

***UPDATE*** Thanks to you (our visitors) we had confirmation time after time that codes are working and you can still buy this excellent application at a discount from the Malwarebytes official store.
Some of you might be interested to know that the new version 1.50 is out – find below a list of the overall improvements, new features and issues fixed.

Overall Improvements

1. Dramatically improved scan speed: up to 5 times faster.
2. Dramatically improved stability of both the scanner and protection module (paid version only).
3. More responsive: program loads up to 3 times faster, and protection module has lower impact on system resources (paid version only).
4. New internal detection algorithms enable detection of more real-world malware.

New Features

1. You can now add files and folders to the ignore list manually.
2. Ability to schedule and unschedule scans and updates from the command line (paid version only).
3. Notifications of blocked malicious websites now include additional details such as type, port, and process on Windows Vista and higher.
4. Ability to include or exclude potentially unwanted programs (PUP), potentially unwanted system modifications (PUM), and peer-to-peer software (P2P) from scans and protection module detections.
5. Dramatically improved flash scan (paid version only) – designed to determine whether a more in-depth scan is needed, in less than 10 seconds on many machines.
6. One-touch easy-to-use option to keep protection up-to-date automatically (paid version only).
7. “Warn if database is outdated by:” option now warns if the database is far out-of-date (7 days by default), including for protection (paid version only).
8. Ability to scan system startup locations for improved detection and to target persistent malware that may be obstructing removal.
9. Right-click context menu scans now use heuristics.

Issues Fixed

1. Improved compatibility with antivirus software.
2. Fixed issue with “Recover if missed by” setting in scheduler not working correctly on Windows 2000 and Windows XP.
3. Fixed issue with “Recover if missed by” setting in scheduler not working for scans and updates scheduled to run ‘Once’.
4. Fixed issue with Heuristics.Shuriken causing the program to freeze or crash.
5. Fixed issue with certain infections going undetected by the protection module in 64-bit Windows versions.
6. Fixed issue with silent scans not creating logs in certain scenarios.

As always, don’t forget to check the comments for any new Malwarebytes coupon codes shared in 2013 by our visitors. We’ve been keeping this page up since 2009 and served thousands of users looking for Malwarebytes Anti-malware deals. We cannot promise to always have the best discounts (after all, the company needs to accept a considerable mark down on their margins to offer these coupons, but since we know this we strongly suggest you take the plunge and get a licensed copy of the software – it’s probably the best product in its category, backed by an incredible team and a great community you’ll be happy to join as soon as possible. Best of luck!

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    this worked great for me – my roomate bookmarked your page on his computer like months ago and gave it to me today – coupon code still works great, tnx

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    Now, mom and the kids are safe, too!

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    a facebook friend shared another code with me – BJG-4MN-T12 – saves 15% on a single license, apparently works on top of volume orders as well (more than 1 license at a time).

    happy sharing!


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    The 15% coupon code BJG-4MN-T12 worked for me today, and (free) Malwarebytes has been working perfectly for me for about 1-1/2 yrs…however recently I am seeing an influx of problems–malwarebytes, being instrumental in helping clear them out deserves to be Purchased!!! Thanks Guys! I keep hearing great feedback about your product and tech support! You Rock!

  19. Jean Wilson
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    20% coupon KV9-3KX-455 did not work today on Malwarebytes website…July 9, 2010… a new one?

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    BJG-4MN-T12 worked for me today as well – excellent idea to put these together and let people talk about them. Malwarebytes Anti-malware is a great product, highly recommended to purchase the full license.

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    The 15% discount code works as of 08-12-2010.

    Their distributor says that is the highest discount and ALL codes will be gone by the end of the year. So if you want the program, buy it soon before all codes are cancelled.

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