Zend coupon code – where to look for a Zend Studio coupon code?

If you were active on the PHP programming scene for some time, you have already met Zend software – their products are used all over the world to serve and develop business-class applications using PHP.

Every one of our hosting providers offers Zend server with their service, and a premium provider even has Zend platform packaged with their cloud offering. It integrates well with Zend Studio – the development suite from the same company.

When we started the online business, over five years ago, we did not have our own programmers – every line of code was outsourced to freelancers or specialized companies. Today things have changed and we need more control over the source and our IP – so we started hiring PHP programmers for various projects. Each of them works with Zend Studio – and you can only imagine that licensing the software is now a normal stage in getting each new hire up to speed. We could not buy in bulk and avail of any promotions or discount codes – it’s one solitary license now and then, maybe not more than 3 or 4 new licenses / year with churn and all.

To save on each purchase, I research for a Zend Studio coupon code every time I need it – the Zend Studio coupon codes expire after a while, so you can not rely on your previous findings too much. As it happens, I have just used another one and thought to share it here with you – maybe you need a Zend Studio code as well and this can come handy. So go over to shop.zend.com and try “CJ10EOY” without quotes in the Discount Codes box. If it is still valid you should be able to save 10% with this Zend Studio coupon code.

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  1. RobertZ
    Posted December 11, 2009 at 1:51 am | Permalink

    there is not much you can do with Zend Studio alone – as a freelancer you will need Encode and Zend Guard to complete the delivery. be careful not to send all your working code in clear text before payment – I got stung a couple of times with this.

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