Kill A Zombie, And Do Your Bit For Computer Security

Halloween may be over for another year, but that doesn’t mean that zombies aren’t still undead and well, and coming after your brains. Before you start revving up the chainsaw and boarding the windows, perhaps I should take a moment to explain. The only thing that is in danger of being turned into a zombie is your PC, and it’s actually something that happens more often than you believe.

I’m sure that your e-mail inbox is probably filled each and every day with spam message, but how many times have you thought about where they all come from? The surprising answer is that many of them may come from your friends or relatives, and your little computer might just be responsible for sending spam ads for Viagra all over the world on a daily basis. If that is the case, then your PC has become a minion of the computer undead.

If your computer is not up to date with antivirus, firewall or malware destroying software, then you are at risk of having your PC hijacked and turned into a zombie. Hackers then control huge networks of the infected computers, which are known as botnets, and then use that network to blast out ad after ad, with no way of them ever being caught. Keeping all your protective software up to date is the equivalent of bashing in the skull of the zombie with a cricket bat, a la Shaun Of The Dead.

To raise awareness of this zombie issue, tech security company Sophos declared October 31st to be International Kill A Zombie Day, and they requested that all computer users take the time to either install, or make sure that their security software is up to date. Only time will tell if the call for zombie fighters had an effect on the botnet crowd, and we won’t really know until we see if the amount of mail in our spam folders has decreased significantly or not.

A big part of the issue is that the same people, who invest hundreds of dollars in alarm systems for their homes and car, fail to download a free piece of malware or antivirus software that would keep all the personal info on their PC out of the reach of potential cyberthieves. All you have to do is Google free malware software, and you will be directed to a whole bunch of free option, with Malwarebytes probably considered the best of the bunch. Alternatively you can choose to step up your game and go for the full product, but fear not parting with your hard earned cash, as we have the best Malwarebytes coupon codes in Google. We all rely on our computers now more than ever, and we really have to take the time to make sure that our beloved cyber-pet doesn’t fall foul to outside attacks; protect your PC and it will protect you.


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