Why Should You Upgrade To A Full Malwarebytes License

There are many reasons to upgrade to the full version of Malwarebytes Anti-Malware; if you’re an existing user of the free edition of Malwarebytes you will certainly know the full range of capabilities the powerful anti-malware engine that Malwarebytes offers – it’s one of the most efficient ways of removing dangerous threats and malware from your computer securely and most of all, it can effectively terminate any malicious files from your computer while they are running, making some even say it’s more effective than anti-viruses due to its large database and smart detection and removal algorithms.

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Here are some of the reasons to why you should consider upgrading to Malwarebytes full license, added to the fact you will be supporting the dedicated group of programmers who created Malwarebyets while endorsing the product yourself:


  1. Realtime Protection – Get 24×7 protection from the extremely powerful detection engine that Malwarebytes has; with Realtime protection it scans all items as you work on your computer ensuring that if you download a virus it will detect it and give you an option to remove it on the fly; the standard version does not have this feature (More reason to upgrade to PRO using our Malwarebytes Coupon) and because of that you would have to initiate a manual scan of all your computer to find the virus, and likely do so when damage has already been done.
  2. Flash Scanning – With Flash Scanning you can almost instantly scan your computer and find malware as it will scan active memory and processes to find malware that is currently running and affecting your system; this can be very efficient at finding out and telling you if you have a virus on your computer without having to do a full and complete scan, it’s also useful for knocking out the viruses before you do a full and complete scan.
  3. Scheduled Updating – Make Malwarebytes automatically update with ease to make sure you’ve always got the most up to date database version; this is a great feature for companies who have large networks but limit the administrator rights of users on their computers. Having a scheduled update policy makes it easy to maintain all systems without user intervention and insure that the latest version of the detection engine and signature database is working on your client computers.
  4. Scheduled Scanning – Make the best of your time and if you run a business ensure your company’s computers are secure and free from viruses by using the scheduled scanning feature; you can set Malwarebytes to scan your hard disks after-hours for example so when your employees have gone home you can have your computers run the scan and remove any threats automatically.
  5. LIFETIME LICENSE – Unlike anti-virus software that charge you an annual fee, Malwarebytes is a completely one off license fee (Up to 25 computers) – this means you get free support and updates for life, the kind that other competitors can offer you from as little as 15USD per license /year. This compelling list of reasons to update to a full Malwarebytes license would not be complete with the best incentive – we have a page dedicated to Malwarebytes coupon codes, where both staff and readers are contributing 15%, 20% and even 50% off coupon codes to offer you even more arguments to invest in this excellent piece of software.


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